1- Client Discovery: We’ll sit down for a complimentary chat with you (and your accountant if you would like). At this meeting, we’ll identify the areas that we can help put you in a better position. You will receive a Letter of Engagement outlining the cost to prepare and implement the Advice. Allow from 1 to 1 ½ hours for this meeting.

2- Strategy Review: Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll do the work researching and recommending appropriate strategies for you and if needed, recommending products. This will result in a Statement of Advice (your financial plan), that can also be reviewed by your accountant.

3- Advice Preparation/Presentation: We’ll sit down together (again including your accountant if you wish) taking you through the recommendations in the Statement of Advice. We provide you with an Executive Summary, the detailed advice (including alternative scenarios) and all the supporting documentation.   The cost to prepare the Advice is payable at this meeting. An offer to retain us as your ongoing adviser is also provided. Allow 1 ½ hours for this meeting.

4- Implementation:  Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll work on submitting application forms etc with you to get the recommendations implemented. No further costs are payable at this time.

Once you are comfortable with the implementation, we’d love you to come on board as an ongoing client, to keep you and your finances on track to meet your objectives.